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Standard Expert Administrator
About this training 00:30
Initialize your password 01:56
Description of the homepage 00:55
How to connect to EasyKost 00:23
Disconnect from EasyKost 00:24
How to do when you have lost your password 01:52
Switch of language 00:36
Change your password 00:34
Products Family
How import a products family 04:15
Create an estimation 02:27
How to use cost-drivers 03:32
How to use filters 02:41
Change the estimated cost 00:26
Save your estimation 00:45
Open an estimation 01:30
Confidence level description 00:34
Importance of a cost-driver 00:43
How to exclude and include quotes 02:00
Advance estimation
Analytical cost-drivers Analytical cost-drivers 06:30
Reverse-costing single cost-driver 04:33
Reverse-costing multi cost-drivers 08:29
Compare products with the similarity function 03:13
Savings calculation
Find a family's total savings 05;23
Estimated graph
Introduction of the graph 00:45
Median and menu of the graph 02:04
Download/export the graph 00:16
Use dynamicly the graph 00:36
Graph information tooltip 00:41
Dynamic zoom in/out 00:30
Represent an indicator on the graph 04:23
Interval grid 00:49
Data sheet
Overview 01:06
Sort data 01:34
How to use filters in your data sheet 01:47
Suspicious quotations 01:59
Create a report 01:34
Open a report 01:35
Delete a report 00:36
Download a report 00:36
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