First collaborative SaaS software
for cost estimating and data mining.
Improve design-to-cost and time-to-market performance,
create operating synergy between the various jobs and functions, streamline and professionalize the costing and quotation activities.
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Power and intelligence

Gain from the best know-how and technologies in 2 clicks.

AI and machine learning

The easyKost algorithms and expert systems were designed and validated by statistics Ph.Ds.
with the best data mining and predictive analytics technologies.

Of these technologies, easyKost uses the R language,
which in a few years has become the statistics, data mining and predictive analytics reference.

In order to ensure the most optimal result possible, some calculations, like cost estimates, are based on a concurrent model concept that makes it possible to adapt the best algorithm to the data processed and use the second model
to validate the result of the first model.

This technology, combined with the know-how of statistics Ph.Ds., among other things, made it possible to create reserve costing algorithms to determine the characteristics of a product to achieve a target cost.
SaaS oriented technology

easyKost was developed entirely based on proven technologies adapted to SaaS applications from its conception.
Thus, the software is fully optimized and guarantees identical access times to those of a desktop application
while benefiting from the numerous advantages and flexibility of the SaaS mode.

The completely web 2.0 application uses HTML 5 and CSS 3, all based on an RIA (Rich Internet Application) architecture that guarantees software accessibility, interactivity, speed of execution and upgradability.

Dynamic and user-friendly

The user interface was designed by ergonomic experts to offer an intuitive, easy to use application that is therefore operational immediately, minimizing its learning curve to the maximum extent possible.

The flat design of the interface makes it possible to bring together modernity, intuitiveness and aesthetic
to provide more clarity and ease of use.

The integration of fully interactive and dynamic elements in place of traditional static components, such as graphics and the integration of the geographic dimension, enhance intuitiveness and pleasure when using the software while at the same time converting data representations into decision-making tools.
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