First collaborative SaaS software
for cost estimating and data mining.
Improve design-to-cost and time-to-market performance,
create operating synergy between the various jobs and functions, streamline and professionalize the costing and quotation activities.
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Create Cost Intelligence
Exploit the richness of your too often unused data.

easyKost makes it possible to determine the cost of new products or services in a matter of seconds by exploiting the richness of your data without any expert knowledge of industrial  technologies and processes.


Immediately accessible to everyone

It is no longer necessary to be an expert and to wait several days to determine the impact of a design modification, a change in supplier or a change in production site.
All the information necessary to make decisions is immediately and dynamically accessible in order to enhance performance and efficiency to optimize product design and strategy, reduce cycle times, improve the quote-to-close conversion rate and boost purchasing performance and optimize time-to-market.


Exploration, data mining

easyKost makes it possible to access all of the product/supplier information intuitively, dynamically and in summarized form through powerful data mining functions. It is thus possible to explore and analyze your data to reveal the pertinent information that will help you make the right decisions.


Automatic suggestions, reverse costing
Equipped with an expert system, easyKost not only suggests predominant and high-impact cost-drivers, but also allows "reverse costing" by determining the best characteristics to apply in order to achieve a target cost.
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